Resolutions to Improve Productivity

Kathryn shares 4 resolutions to cultivate healthy productivity this year

4 Simple Ways To Improve Hormonal Health

Sarah explains simple practices women can use to improve their hormonal health.

3 Negative Workshop Mindsets

Kathryn looks at the most common negative mindsets in workshops and how to deal with them constructively.

Mindset Shifts I’ve Had to Make Around Habits

Sarah reflects on mindset shifts which can help find a more peaceful and accepting relationship with your habits.

Quiet Quitting Isn’t The Problem

Kathryn looks at why the ‘problem’ of ‘Quiet Quitting’ is in fact a management issue, not an employee one.

Ease the Pain of Getting out of Bed this Autumn

Sarah offers some tips for avoiding the snooze button as the mornings get darker

3 Key Reasons to Drop the To-Do List

Kathryn explores why most of us need to ditch our to-do list

Perfect Time to Book for September

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Summer Reads to Boost Your Wellbeing

Sarah shares some non-fiction book recommendations to dig into over the summer that will give your wellbeing a boost and broaden your mind.

6 Surprising Things Stopping you from Sleeping

Struggle to get to sleep? Kathryn looks at 6 surprising things that might be contributing to your insomnia.

Taking Care of Yourself When the World Seems Awful

Kathryn looks at ways we can take care of our emotional wellbeing when there’s constantly so much bad happening in the world.

Staying Productive When Things Heat Up

Kathryn looks at how we can keep working in a productive and focused way when the temperatures soar

5 Common Workshop Mistakes

Kathryn looks at 5 of the biggest and most frequent mistakes when it comes to workshop facilitation.

Self-Care: Try Not to Care too Much

Sarah looks at the trap of perfectionist self-care, perpetuated by social media, and how we can prevent self-care from becoming yet another chore.

7 Signs of Toxic Company Culture

Sarah looks at how we can spot toxic company culture so that we can do something about it to improve the wellbeing of all employees.

Why Words Can Hold us Back

Kathryn looks at why we so often get stuck with wording, and what to do about it.

5 Easy Ways to Transform your Morning Routine (with no extra time)

Kathryn looks at a few simple ways to take morning routines up a notch - with NO EXTRA TIME

Win a Signature Remote Training Session for your Team

Enter our first ever competition to win a free 90 minute wellbeing and productivity session for your team!

The Cost of Poor Communication

Kathryn explores what communication breakdowns are actually costing businesses and teams.

5 Benefits of Breathwork

Sarah dives into the little-known benefits of practising conscious breathing.

Are you as Good at Running Meetings as you Think you are?

Kathryn explores why many of us overestimate our ability to lead good meetings, and how to tell if they might not be going as well as we think.

Who’s on the List?

Kathryn looks at why being selective about attendees for meetings and workshops is an important part of keeping company culture productive.

Did you catch us in The Times?

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us get to a point where we’re being featured as a recommended service in The Times.

Spotting Communication Breakdowns

Sarah looks at some of the telltale signs that communication within a company needs a boost.

Running a Business with a Baby under 1

Kathryn goes through some tips for how to balance running a business with looking after a little one.

New 6 Month Training Program

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our 6 month wellbeing and productivity training program!

Dealing with Overwhelm: What to do When it all Gets too Much

Kathryn talks through a 10 minute, step-by-step guide to dealing with overwhelm.

Workshops vs. Meetings: What’s the Difference and Does it Matter?

Kathryn breaks down the difference between workshops and meetings