This blog post is a little different to our usual content. Normally we focus on giving advice, but it’s been such a crazy year for the world, for us personally and for our business that we thought we’d take a moment to look back at what we’ve learned. This is also, unusually, a joint blog post (our only other one was about what it’s like to work as sisters)


You have to be patient and trust that what you’re doing is valuable

I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt is how to live with uncertainty and adapt quickly. I’m a planner by nature so having a pandemic hit when all our business is based around gathering was less than ideal, and learning how to be ok with changing all our plans at the drop of a hat has been a really good lesson. 

I’ve also learned that you have to be patient and trust that what you’re doing is valuable and that you have the right systems in place in order to remain sane when you run your own business. Things sometimes feel really slow and then suddenly pick up and you can’t fret every time you have a quieter day.  It’s also been really interesting to see how opportunities and help come from the most unexpected places; some people have gone above and beyond to connect us with clients which has made me feel very lucky. 

Finally, I’ve learned to celebrate successes big and small in a way that I never had to before (because I always had amazing bosses encouraging and motivating me).  It’s been really important to do that in order to stay positive, especially this year, and to keep at it when suddenly all you get for a week are ‘nos’.



My mindset and my ability to keep myself motivated and happy are essential

In spite of all the blows 2020 has dealt us, I’ve definitely learned some hugely valuable lessons. I’d say the most important one is that my mindset and my ability to keep myself motivated and happy are essential. It’s so easy to rely on external factors for our sense of fulfilment, achievement and joy, but with so many of those factors stripped away this year, I’ve had to really hone the skills and rigour with which I keep a positive mindset. I hope that’s a lesson a lot of us have learned, because when individuals are willing and able to take responsibility for their own outlook and happiness, the world becomes a much more positive and conscious place.  

However, I also feel I’ve learned to appreciate those external factors so much more. There are so many things I’ve always taken for granted. When I look back at 2019, it feels like a parallel universe: I moved to a new city, got married and celebrated with weddings in two countries, travelled for my hen do, my honeymoon and on various European city weekends and spent the most magical Christmas with my siblings and grandparents, a prospect that now seems quite impossible. I’ve been so lucky to be able to travel and celebrate and dance in crowded places all my life and the fact we’ve not been able to do much of these things at all this year will make it all the sweeter when we can again.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy 2021, Kathryn & Sarah x