Breakdowns in communication can happen to any team, in fact we’re willing to bet they happen to all teams at one point or another. 

Unfortunately, with the way we work having been radically altered over the last two years, these breakdowns are occurring more frequently and it’s so much more difficult to spot them with remote and hybrid working in full force. 

So in order to help you catch these communication breakdowns before they cause your company too much trouble, we’ve compiled a list of some signs of communication breakdown you can look out for:

  1. There’s a lack of clarity around communication processes: This is a biggie in the world of remote/hybrid work and we see it all the time. With the various communication channels available to us, it’s easy to lose track of where you’re supposed to be talking to your team about what. Naturally this can lead to distraction and stress, information getting lost and a lot of time being wasted. We help our clients create standard communication procedure practices to make sure this doesn’t keep happening. 

  2. Meetings aren’t being facilitated: Meeting well is such a fundamental part of a team communicating effectively. We often hear of meetings being scheduled without a clear agenda and without any direction during the meeting itself. This can often lead to people in a team being confused as to what they’re supposed to be offering in the meeting and, especially problematic, to what the outcomes and actions of the meeting actually are. You can imagine the issues this can cause down the line in any project. Need to know how to quickly improve your meetings? Download our Meet Well Guide here.

  3. Members of the team are staying silent: If the communication culture in a team isn’t welcoming of new ideas, creativity stagnates and people become uncertain and insecure about sharing their thoughts. This is a tougher issue to crack as it comes down to how teams are being led and how individuals are showing up at work, but there are a lot of helpful tools to combat this. 

  4. Wires are getting crossed: Whether it’s disagreement about the direction or vision of the company, or more day-to-day misunderstandings and head butting, it’s easy for people to end up on very different pages and this can really hurt how a team communicates and cooperates. The only way forward in that situation is to open up lines of communication (this would most effectively be facilitated externally) and figure out where the wires got crossed in the first place and how to straighten them out going forwards. 

We hope this is helpful. You may want to do a team little communication audit using these points and see where you are. If you feel like you need external support to improve how you’re working together and communicating, give us a call.

If you’re a team that’s growing fast and struggling to put in clear communication processes, or you need a team realignment with regards to the vision of the company, reach out to us at and we’ll see how we can help.