Let us start by saying, we hope that whoever you are, wherever you are, you are keeping healthy and safe.

We’ve all been caught by surprise by the pace of change in the world as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who have been feeling somewhat helpless in the face of the situation and wondering ‘what can I do?’.

Even if we aren’t medical professionals able to help on the frontline of the outbreak, there is always some skill each of us bring to the table which can be of service to one or many people.

So we’ve asked ourselves, how can we serve in this situation? Unsurprisingly, live workshops and trainings aren’t really an option at this point in time, so we’re temporarily, as long as this is our reality, pivoting our focus to where our skills can most usefully be applied.

We’ve realised that our expertise in feeling, thinking and working well is extremely valuable right now to any companies whose teams have rather abruptly transitioned to working from home. Many people in this position will struggle with creating a work and self care routine, with caring for their own mental health and with productivity.

We’re offering pro bono training calls for any teams who want to learn how to keep themselves optimally healthy, resilient and productive at this time. Our hope is that it will help on an individual and an economic level.

These trainings will be around 45 minutes long, covering a variety of wellbeing, time management and productivity tips, with plenty of time for live coaching around any specific difficulties people are facing. Both of us (Sarah and Kathryn) will lead these calls together, so you get our complementary expertise.

If you’d like to ask for more information or to book a slot, just get in touch with Sarah at sarah@wellandtrulyworkshops.co.uk.

No strings attached. This is the time to pull together for our mutual care.

With love and strength,

Kathryn and Sarah x