It’s a subtle shift. September comes around and a few weeks in I notice that my ability to spring out of bed in the morning is decreasing. The unignorable call of bright mornings starts to fade into memory, giving way to the appeal of the snooze button and the warmth of the duvet. 

We can’t avoid it, Autumn is setting in and it’s already getting harder to get out of bed.

If you’re like me, the temptation never to leave your bed in the morning is a very familiar feeling and one that really is a double edged sword. Who doesn’t love a snuggly, snoozy session in the morning when it’s cold and dark outside? Unfortunately, this usually leads to us running behind in the mornings, feeling a bit drowsy much of the day, and therefore losing productivity. 

This year is going to be particularly tough, because most of us mortals can’t afford to keep the radiator cranked up as much as we might like, so I hope these tips to ease the pain of getting out of bed will be of some help:

  1. Stand up: Ooph, I know. I’m not easing you in. Unfortunately, the simplest and most effective way to get up is, well, to literally get up. We often think that it’s better to start gently, but this usually leads to the overall process of getting out of bed becoming unnecessarily painful (and to that feeling of drowsiness). The best way to force yourself to stand up in the morning is to have your alarm on somewhere you can’t reach it from bed (this is also important for sleep hygiene, if your phone is your alarm)

  2. Take a hot shower: Even if just for 1 minute (because who can afford more this winter?), a hot shower will increase your basal temperature and give you an energy boost. Cold showers are very invigorating but notice if after the initial shock you feel drowsy again – you might want to try having a cool shower in the evening instead if you struggle with sleep.

  3. Take a bit of time for yourself: Starting the morning in doing-mode will likely make you even less inclined to get out of bed. Try giving yourself even just 15-20 minutes of self care in the morning or if you have absolutely no extra time, you can add these little touches to your current routine to make yourself feel a bit more nurtured.

  4. Make sure you’re sleeping enough: We do naturally need to sleep more in the darker and colder months, so adjust your routine accordingly. Sleep is the most important thing we can try to get right for our health and if you’re regularly waking up feeling exhausted, it may well not only be down to the seasonal shift. The vast majority of adults need a minimum of 7 hours of quality sleep (and a lot need 8 or more), so figure out what you need and try to prioritise getting it. 

  5. Get your partner onboard: If you share a bed with a partner, this can really make or break your ability to get out of bed in the morning. Try getting your partner onboard with your efforts to avoid the snooze-athons and instead treat yourselves to some wind down cuddle time in the evening. 

I hope these tips help, some days will be harder than others but the more you notice the positive effects these tips will have on both your health and your productivity, the easier it will be to stick to the habit. Good luck!