Starting a business 5 months before lockdown hit was tough. Our entire pipeline was based on in person workshops and training sessions and almost overnight everything was cancelled. Fortunately, our clients have embraced our remote sessions and in a way it’s enabled us to reach more people than we otherwise would have.

Still, like everyone, we’ve navigated a lot of challenges over the past couple of years, which it was why it was a huge moment for us to be featured in The Times as part of the Business Owners’ Checklist for the new fiscal year. It was exclusive to the print edition (very old school!), but here’s what The Times had to say about the companies included:

With massive changes and disruption across the globe, business owners are reassessing many aspects of their operations. The services and products here could make all the difference in an unprecedented commercial climate.

So, a huge thank you if you’re reading this and you’re a client, you’ve attended one of our sessions and told someone else about them or you’ve just been rooting for us. We couldn’t have got here without you!