The wellbeing movement is something I’m deeply grateful for – it’s fantastic that the responsibility to take care of our mental, emotional and physical health isn’t something that can be easily ignored anymore. However, the vastness of the body of information and ideas that have resulted from this movement can become a tad overwhelming, if not often contradictory and confusing. 

So to clear things up and help you refocus on what will really give you that physical and mental ease we all crave, I’ve broken down Well & Truly’s approach to wellbeing into 6 fundamental pillars. Prioritising these can’t fail to leave you feeling much more balanced and, crucially, able to fully engage with your life. I’ve linked to longer blogs on some pillars so you can dive a bit deeper into the topics.


  1. 8 hours of sleep: We’re nothing if not consistent at Well & Truly so yes, sleep is still top of the list. You can’t out-eat, out-train or out-meditate poor sleep so focus on this first and keep prioritising it until you find your groove. Our top tips for getting good sleep are to firstly get your phone away at night if that prevents you from sleeping, and secondly to get to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every day. If you’re really struggling with sleep, try creating an evening routine to help you wind down. 

  2. Regular conscious breathing practice: Yes, we all breathe, but no we do not all breathe consciously. Breath work is increasingly recognised as an essential tool to reach peak performance both physically and mentally. Moving from automatic to conscious breathing is the fastest way to manage stress and will also improve detoxification as we lose 70% of our toxins through our lungs. Try 10 minutes a day and I guarantee you will see a difference. 

  3. Daily movement: Even just 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day is fantastic for mental and physical wellbeing. Exercise is a healthy form of stress which encourages resilience and longevity. We all know how great it feels when we keep active, the challenge is usually to form the habits. My best advice is to find what forms of movement you truly enjoy and try to build it into the foundations of your work and family life.

  4. 25-30 different plant foods a week: We believe in a weight neutral approach at Well & Truly and feel strongly in maintaining a distinction between a person’s size and their lifestyle. Therefore, in order to influence our food intake in a positive and healthy way, we recommend trying to log 25-30 different plant based foods a week. This way you can guarantee you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs to function properly and plenty of fibre to keep your digestive system moving!

  5. Strict boundaries with phones: Technology gives us so much but our phones are so often the single greatest barrier to our happiness and success. Phones can be our biggest distraction, they can be a barrier to in person connection and to mindful moments. And, as we’ve established, they can prevent good sleep. So we really feel that having strict boundaries with our phones is a fundamental pillar to our wellbeing. Start with a few hours a week fully phone free and take it from there. If you can take a day a week for a digital detox, the mental and emotional benefits can be incredible!

  6. Gratitude: We haven’t written so much about gratitude on the blog yet, in fact you can look forward to a blog on gratitude from Kathryn next week! Gratitude is the key to a healthy and positive mindset, meaning the way you will perceive and experience your life will be so much more enjoyable. The key with gratitude is to really allow yourself to feel it. Say it, write it, think it – it’s all good as long as you really take a moment to let that appreciation fill you up.

We’d love to hear from you if you agree with our fundamentals! If you’d like to learn about how we can transform your team’s wellbeing through group training sessions or individual coaching, email