We all know the feeling. The seemingly endless blank space that is our uninspired mind. And whether you’re a self employed artist or working in a creative agency, my guess is you don’t have the luxury to wait around for inspiration for strike. 

So how can you jump start your inspiration back to life when you need to produce *something* of value?


Kathryn and I have brainstormed our top tips for you, bringing together creative strategy and wellbeing into an integrative, inspiration sparking toolkit:

  1. Change setting: Sometimes simply changing where you’re sitting in the office, or going to a cafe to work for a couple of hours can help shift you into a creative gear.

  2. Don’t reach for coffee: The caffeine high sensation is easy to associate with feeling inspired, but it really makes you more scattered and less likely to create something coherent. Instead, if you’re feeling a bit groggy or lethargic, go for something fresh and raw like a well-balanced smoothie to help wake the body and mind up.

  3. Talk to someone in a different role to you: Sometimes the perspective of someone with a completely different skill set can give you just what you were missing. Don’t resist asking for help.

  4. Go for a brisk walk: Get unstuck in your body and you can much more easily get unstuck in your mind. Get your blood pumping and some fresh air in your lungs to help yourself re-energise. You may also come across something on your walk which triggers a lightbulb moment.

  5. Sit and read fiction: Taking a break from your task and immersing yourself in a different world is always helpful to re-inspire. Exposing yourself to different linguistic styles, different characters and perspectives is a great way to disrupt and broaden your trains of thought.

  6. Stay hydrated: Nothing stunts our cognitive function like dehydration. Keep a refillable, BPA free bottle of water at your desk and keep filling it up throughout the day.

  7. Draw the idea: Don’t overthink it. Put pencil to paper and draw what you’re imagining.

  8. Sit quietly and breathe: If you feel like the process is getting away from you or you’re getting stressed, give yourself a moment to regroup. Close your eyes and take a couple of minutes breathing deeply into your belly, counting the breaths and keeping your focus on the count.

  9. Come up with the worst idea: Don’t worry about starting with the perfect idea. Instead, intentionally start with the worst. Enjoy fleshing out the details of the worst version of what you want to create, this can really help you relax into the process.

  10. Think about someone you admire: How would someone whose creative prowess you admire go about solving the problem you’re facing?

We hope this toolkit is helpful for getting yourself out of the inspiration void! If you’d like to learn more about our approach to creative workshops, have a read here.