Making Workshops Work

Wherever you are on your business journey, there are moments where you need to gather to solve problems and move forwards. Our uniquely holistic approach to facilitation ensures our full and half-day sessions are highly effective, all participants are engaged and all objectives are met.
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What We Offer

Types of Workshop


Vision and Values

Perfect for start and scale-ups, a Vision and Values workshop will leave you and your team with a clearly defined sense of purpose and direction.

Company Culture

Company Culture needs to be more than just beers on a Thursday. This workshop helps management teams dig into what matters to them and the rest of the company and turn those ideals into daily reality.

Team Communication

Ideal for rapidly growing companies or teams, a Team Communication workshop will support you to identify key issues and build a set of communication guidelines to keep business running smoothly.

Team Away Days

The most open-ended of our services, we work closely with our clients on their Team Away Day to create the perfect flow to meet their objectives. We can facilitate the entire day, but often we step back at various points to let team members run certain sessions.

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Gathering Well Matters

Workshops are an incredibly useful tool for any organisation. Done well, they are more than the sum of their parts, answering key questions in a matter of hours rather than months of ineffectual back and forth over email. However, typical workshop setups and inexpert facilitation lead to ineffective sessions, wasting time, energy and money. Many of our clients have been repeating the same workshop over and over again without results until they come to us and discover our unique approach.

Impactful, Implementable Output

No More Workshop Fatigue

Improved Team Morale



Facilitation for Humans

We incorporate wellbeing and productivity practices throughout all corporate facilitation to give your team the best chance of achieving great results. In typical workshops, people are distracted by their screens, plied with sugar and hardly move all day. Our approach ensures that participants are invigorated and engaged. We work closely with our clients from start to finish, planning the workshop collaboratively as well as providing the necessary support post-session.
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Example Pricing

Every session is bespoke and the cost will depend on the level of preparation and follow-up work required. We are happy to offer discounts to non-profits.

Half Day Session

Full Day Session





Half Day Session



Full Day Session



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Other Services
Other Services


Transformational Training

We run wellbeing and productivity training for companies who want to support their employees to do excellent work and feel great on a physical and emotional level. Our training takes our years of combined expertise in team management, productivity, nutrition, yoga, breathwork and facilitation and turns them into a toolbox that transforms the way people work. By combining wellbeing and productivity in our training, we address the root cause and the symptoms of stress and burnout.


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