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Feel well, work better

We deliver employee wellbeing & productivity training programs and tailored workshop facilitation. Our approach enables individual employees and teams as a whole to be purposeful and focused in the workplace whilst looking after themselves. By combining supportive wellbeing and expert workplace productivity practices, we show our clients how to feel better and work at their best.

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Why Choose Us

Lasting changes, the right way

Making change in the workplace is often undertaken like a corporate fad diet. Quick fixes which can’t be sustained. We are different. We do things the right way rather than offering shiny superficial solutions, so you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.

High touch collaboration

Whether we’re embarking on a 6 month training program together or a one-off workshop to solve a specific issue, the best results happen when we work closely with our clients. When working with us you will feel supported and listened to, always.


Intuitive and human

There are no apps or bots involved in our work with you. Nothing extra to track and report. Your business is made up of humans with unique needs and challenges, and we keep that in mind at every step of the way.
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Holistic problem-solving

We take a holistic, multi-pronged approach to suit all employee learning styles and address workplace challenges comprehensively to ensure lasting results for you, your team and your business.

The Challenge

Is your team struggling?

Every team needs a boost now and again. Whether facing external pressures or internal factors such as losing a client or valued team member, there are all sorts of things that can knock us off course.
Whether in the office, remote or hybrid, modern work presents huge challenges for employee productivity. Distractions and poor time management lead to low quality work that has to be redone, wasting time, energy and money.
Teams who struggle to effectively collaborate and communicate also struggle to solve business problems and drive growth. Often, teams need external support to overcome these issues and transform the internal culture.
The challenges we’ve all faced over the past couple of years have taken a toll on physical and emotional wellbeing. We’re seeing more employee burnout than ever which in turn is affecting workplace productivity and satisfaction.
If you’re struggling with retaining talent, it could be down to a combination of the factors above as well as overall company culture. The cost and time lost on recruitment means it’s always worthwhile ensuring long term employee wellbeing.
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Impactful Facilitation

We work with our clients to move their business forward with purposeful group work by planning and facilitating highly interactive, energising workshops. Wherever you are on your business journey, whether you’re a startup in need of a clearer brand vision, a large corporation searching for ways to improve team communication or a newly formed entity looking to define a culture for all employees post-merger, we can help with our tailored facilitation.


Transformational Training

We run wellbeing and productivity training for companies who want to support their employees to do excellent work and feel great on a physical and emotional level. Our training takes our years of combined expertise in team management, productivity, nutrition, yoga, breathwork and facilitation and turns them into a toolbox that transforms the way people work. By combining wellbeing and productivity in our training, we address the root cause and the symptoms of stress and burnout.

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